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New MYOB features:

  • Business Insights
  • Google Maps and View Directions
  • Contact List Searching Improvements

  • Card File Action Menu

  • Network Edition

  • Enhanced Applescript Dictionary


MYOB Mac users can breathe a sigh of relief as a US based software developer has just signed a deal with Mamut Software to rescue the MYOB product range for the Mac in the UK. 

MYOB PC users are not so lucky! The MYOB PC range will stop working at the end of 2011 and after that date, company data files will become read only.


Acclivity LLC, a US based small business accounting software developer has announced that it has formed a partnership with Mamut Software to offer an upgrade path for UK MYOB Mac customers from April 2010.


Acclivity was formed by MYOB's former US management team who took the company private and reached agreement with MYOB Ltd in 2008 to continue developing and supporting the MYOB Mac product range in the US and globally.


Mamut Software, the European provider of business software for small and medium-sized businesses will launch two new MYOB products - AccountEdge and AccountEdge Plus for the Mac. The two products will be available from April 2010 and will launch in the UK as Mamut AccountEdge and Mamut AccountEdge Plus.

“The UK is fertile ground for Mac small business and we are thrilled to be developing a fully localised version of AccountEdge for Mamut,” said Scott Davisson, Acclivity Managing Partner. “Acclivity has long been committed to developing world-class software for small businesses that choose Macs and we’ve found the perfect partner in Mamut.”


The pricing and system requirements have not been announced yet but the US version of the product requires Mac OS X 10.4 and QuickTime 5; Office 2004 or 2008 is required for OfficeLink. The software retails for $300.


Mamut AccountEdge features a new streamlined interface and an improved navigation and appearance over previous MYOB offerings.


It also includes several new innovations such as a Business Insights feature which allows users to easily view information about business critical data such as financial ratios, turnover, profits and operating balances and an integrated Google Map functionality which allows users to pin point a customer’s location and source directions.


Mamut AccountEdge will be available directly from Mamut and through associated resellers and channel partners in the UK.

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